We would like to thank the following customers that they agreed to publishing their success stories on our website.

  • Luxory Estates
    Luxory Estates
    Luxory Estates (Vanity Bonetto) is in business since 2007 and belongs to the top leading landlords of SecondLife. Managing 150 SIMs with over 1,500 tenants means an enormous effort for Vanity Bonetto and her employees. Automated systems help her company to provide face-to-face support of highest quality while expanding rapidly.
  • Carima Stadt
    Carima Stadt
    "Carima Stadt" (Linde Kronfeld) is a branch of the prosperous medieval role-play "Carima" (also founded by Linde Kronfeld). Linde Kronfeld and her team run this fast-growing role-play since 2008. Automated processes allow the team to focus on role-play instead of paying to much time to administration.
  • Pandora Magic
    Pandora Magic
    Pandora Magic is the biggest german-speaking role-play community based on James Camerons movie "Avatar". As first Avatar role-play in SecondLife, Pandora Magic was under construction even before the movie opening night. Shortly after the cinema premiere in january 2010, Pandora Magic was an international sanctuary for role-play loving Na'vi. The solutions needed to run such a project are various and range from single role-play supporting scripts to networked managment solutions and bots.