Thank you for your interest in TSS-Tech products! Despite our main business is the development of estate and busines solutions, we offer a couple of small gadgets. Feel free to look around here or on the SecondLife Marketplace.

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  • ::TSS:: QuickPose
    ::TSS:: QuickPose (Version 1.3)
    QUICKPOSE is an easy-to-handle pose ball. Just rez it and sit down. After standing up, the ball automatically deletes itself.

    Quick and easy first-time setup included. Works with every animation. No hovering anymore after execute of the installation!
  • ::TSS:: QuickPose HUD
    ::TSS:: QuickPose HUD (Version 1.4)
    The QUICKPOSE HUD is an easy-to-setup pose ball HUD that rezzes any pose ball by menu, chat or chat-gesture.

    Includes the QUICKPOSE ball and works also with every other pose ball with COPY permission.


  • ::TSS:: Inventory Giver
    ::TSS:: Inventory Giver (Version 1.5)
    When clicking a prim containing this script and any other content, the script delivers a folder to the person that clicked on it.

    The INVENTORY GIVER can be configured to deliver only to group members and has a customizeable hover text. Easy setup included.
  • ::TSS:: Online Board
    ::TSS:: Online Board (Version 1.2)
    The ONLINE BOARD is an avatar online indicator which displays whether a user is currently in-world or not. It shows a custom avatar (or profile) picture and the current avatars status.


  • ::TSS:: DirectTP HUD (RLV)
    ::TSS:: DirectTP HUD (RLV) (Version 1.2)
    The DIRECTTP HUD enables you to directly teleport to any location in SecondLife by chat-gesture (e.g. pressing a shortkey like Ctrl+F12 or writing gestures to chat like "/home").
  • ::TSS:: DirectTP Network
    ::TSS:: DirectTP Network (Version 1.3)
    This script is used to build a teleport network with up to 13 locations on a single SIM. All teleporters will be logged in into the network automatically.

    Just click a teleporter prim, select the wished location from the menu and click the prim again to be teleported.
  • ::TSS:: DirectTP2LM
    ::TSS:: DirectTP2LM (Version 1.5)
    When clicking a prim containing this script and a landmark, the script teleports the avatar directly to the location defined by the landmark (intra-SIM teleport).

    It should be used in unlinked prims only.
  • ::TSS:: Teleport2LM
    ::TSS:: Teleport2LM (Version 1.2)
    When clicking a prim containing this script and a landmark, the script offers a teleport to the location defined by the landmark via SL map.

    It can be used multiple in linked prims (e.g. for a teleport board with several destinations).