Privacy Policy

At TSS Technologies (TSS-Tech in the following), we are committed to protect your privacy and maintaining a strong bond of trust with our customers. This Privacy Policy in its version of June 7th 2013 explains the use of information collected via our website, in-world services and our customer service operations. Your use of the service indicates to us that you have read and accept our privacy practices, as outlined in this Privacy Policy.

As further described below, we collect and maintain a range of data in order to provide our services to you and maintain a safe and secure platform. Access to your personal information is limited to (a) the TSS-Tech Business Owner, (b) the TSS-Tech Chief Executive Officers and (c) the technical personal of TSS-Tech. Because we operate on server and storage systems owned by the head of TSS-Tech business, there are no other providers or companies which may be able access and/or read your personal information. As used in this Privacy Policy, the term "personal information" means ANY information about your person in real world (e.g. information that readily may be used to identify an individual, including but not limited to a first and last name, home or other physical address, an email address, phone number or other contact information) as well as information about your Second Life accounts and their business related information (e.g. land or estate information or customer information).

This Privacy Policy refers to any online service of TSS-Tech.

About the information we collect

We collect a range of personal information and usage statistics to maintain a high-quality user experience and deliver superior customer service. We request some information directly from you during registration and/or your order process.

There are thus different levels of information we collect, depending upon your relationship to TSS-Tech and how you use our services:

  • Regular customer: In order to provide regular and free updates of our products, we actively collect which customer has bought which product via Second Life marketplace or one of our in-world shops.
  • User of the "OfflineIM" or "OfflineChat" service: In order to protect law, we are obligated to log each instant message or chat session. Therefore we record the senders and recipients SecondLife UUID as well as the time of contact. To provide a proper service, it is necessary to temporary store messages in our database during a chat session, but we do NOT log the content of your messages and/or any content that may or may not be private or confidential.
  • Customers using any hosted service: In order to provide hosted solutions to our customer, we have to record several information about you and/or your business, lands, estates or customers. Any information will be stored on server and storage systems of TSS-Tech (regarding the head of TSS-Tech business).

Please note, that we log any instant messages between TSS-Tech employees and our customers!

Protection and disclosure of your information

TSS-Tech does not disclose personal information or other account-related information (such as IP addresses) you provide us to third parties without your permission. You understand, however, that TSS-Tech may disclose your personal or other account-related information under the following circumstances:

  • If we believe in good faith that such disclosure is necessary under applicable law, or to comply with legal process served on TSS-Tech.
  • In order to protect and defend the rights or interests of TSS-Tech, Linden Labs, Second Life or the users of Second Life.
  • In order to report to law enforcement authorities, or assist in their investigation of, suspected illegal or wrongful activity, or to report any instance in which we believe a person may be in danger.

Amendment of this policy

We may need to update our Privacy Policy periodically to reflect changes in the types of information we collect, the means we use to collect information, or our usage of collected information. We will make reasonable efforts to alert you to these changes when they occur. Changes take effect immediately upon posting to our website.