Solution Overview

As our customers cannot afford service breakdowns, it's indispensable to us to provide a high level of quality and stability at every solution. Therefore, our service philosophy is based on three following cornerstones:

  • Efficiency & Effectivity
    Efficiency & Effectivity

    All of our scripting experts have a funded background knowledge about the principle of operations of simulator servers. Solely for this reason TSS-Tech is able to create lowest-lag solutions.

    But scripting low-lag code is only half the battle. We lay big attention on usability, because the fastest script can only be as good as the ways of usage.

    Close contact to our customers and a straight quality management process ensure fast scripts with a maximum of usability. By the way, most of our big business and estate solutions can be managed easily via web interface.

  • Functionality & Availability
    Functionality & Availability

    As a service provider we concentrate on providing solutions far beyond the possibilities of simple LSL scripting. Therefore many tasks were transfered to real-life high-performance servers in our datacenters. This reduces in-world lag and gives us the chance to increase the range of abilities.

    To guarantee a high level of service quality, most of our server systems are implemented redundant. The 24/7 system health monitoring allows fast responses to upcoming service outages.

  • Security & Privacy
    Security & Privacy

    To ensure the highest level of privacy and data security, TSS-Tech operates on server and storage systems owned (not just rented) by the head of TSS-Tech business.

    Access to your personal and business related information is strictly limited to the TSS-Tech Business Owner, the TSS-Tech Chief Executive Officers and the technical personal employed at TSS-Tech.

    Furthermore all our web-based services are secured by SSL to ensure an absolutely secure communication between your browser and the TSS-Tech webservices.